The birds could be endangered, so the zoo decided to…

In an effort to keep their birds safe from the extremely infectious avian influenza, zoos are bringing their birds inside and away from humans and animals.

For the time being, penguins may be the only birds that visitors to many zoos will be able to view since they are already kept indoors and normally protected behind glass in their displays, making it more difficult for the bird flu to affect them.

Zoos are putting up great effort to ensure that none of their animals suffer and  put all vulnerable creatures under defense. – ” There is a large number of employees that have strong bonds with the creatures that they care for here at the zoo.”

In addition to droppings and nasal discharge, birds are known to transmit germs.

Experts believe that the illness may be also transmitted by polluted equipment, clothes, footwear, and trucks transporting supplies and other goods.

So far, no outbreaks have been recorded in zoos, only in the wild.

The majority of the precautions that zoos are taking are intended to keep wild birds and zoo animals from coming into contact.

Employees are being required to change into clean boots and put on protective gear before visiting bird-watching sites in certain locations.

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