The boy celebrates 6th Thanksgiving with the woman who accidentally invited him to “grandma’s” home for the holiday…

Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench feel an ever-increasing feeling of gratitude for the fact that they are in one other’s life with each passing year.

The pair had never met until Dench invited Hinton over for dinner inadvertently in a text message that was meant for her grandson.

Hinton, who just announced that the two of them would be spending the holiday together, took a picture with Dench, 64, and his girlfriend Mikaela when they were at the gathering.

“Thanksgiving 2021,” Hinton, who is 22 years old, said in the caption of picture in which she shared photographs from their previous five Thanksgiving festivities. “6 years and going strong”

A heartwarming picture of him, Dench, and Mikaela laughing while holding a painting and portrait of Dench’s late husband Lonnie, who unfortunately passed away in April 2020 was also posted by him.

In November of 2016, Dench sent Hinton, who was then 17 years old, a text message asking him over for dinner instead of her 24-year-old grandson.

This is how the two friends first became acquainted and exchanged selfies to each other that proved the mix-up, which occurred after there was an initial period of misunderstanding.

Dench found out later that her grandson had changed his phone number, but when Hinton asked if he could still come over for dinner, she responded to his text by saying, “Of course you can.

He said that the experience served as a “reminder that there are still some nice individuals remaining in this world.

She is a lovely person in every way… I’m not sure what it was about her, but she simply gave out an energy that put me at ease.”

Dench also claimed she had an instant connection with him after their first conversation. “Oh my my, I want to get to know this person,” she thought to herself at the time.

Hinton takes photographs with Dench at her Arizona home in order to chronicle the Thanksgiving holiday on his various social media platforms each year.

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