The boy spends his five dollars on candy for the firemen, and in exchange, they make his dream come true as…

Because she needed to get her Christmas shopping done, Aldrige brought her son Dawson with her to the Walmart next totheir home in Rosenberg, Texas. As is customary, she promised Dawson that if he was well-behaved, he would be able to enjoy his reward.

She reasoned that Dawson would most likely want a candy bag or a little toy, and that he would do his best to behave himself in exchange for either of these gifts. Therefore, when she saw that Dawson was truly acting well, she gave him five dollars and instructed him to choose a reward from the available options.

She was not surprised in the least when she watched the little kid head into the candy aisle; nevertheless, when Dawson returned, she was taken aback to discover that he had chosen five Tic Tac candies. Dawson’s go-to choice when it comes to sugary snacks is not and never has been Tic Tac.

It came out that he intended to purchase the Tic Tac candies for the firemen who were standing a short distance away from them at the time.

After some time had passed, the little kid offered the firemen the Tic Tac, and in return, each of them gave him a hug and expressed their gratitude. Then, one of them inquired as to what Dawson wanted for Christmas, and the youngster said that he wished he could be a fireman.

Surprisingly, the young man was subsequently extended an invitation to visit the Richmon Fire Department and take a tour!

They went so far as to give Dawson a taste of what it was like to be a fireman for a whole shift. It absolutely had to have been the most wonderful day of his whole life.

On her Facebook page, Aldrige expressed her happiness that Dawson was given the opportunity to make his goal come true, but she emphasized that the actual gift was the knowledge that she had successfully brought up her son in the proper way.



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