The Breathtaking ‘Shallow’ Duet Performed By A Mother And Her Son Has Left Everyone Mystified…

This mother and son singing duo hails from Sheffield, England, and their rendition of “Shallow” is just breathtaking.

Their rendition of the blockbuster song from the 2018 updated version of “A Star Is Born” gives Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper a run for their money, and their names are Katherine Hallam and Jordan Rabjohn.

The song begins with Jordan. He is performing in what seems to be his own blue studio, which is located in his house. It would seem that the space is meant to correspond with the gloomy atmosphere and the aquatic imagery of the song’s lyrics.

Jordan’s voice is captivating! At the 28-second mark, when he is singing the word “falling,” he brings down the tone of his voice, therefore providing an aural illustration of the movement.

Around the fifty second mark, Mum Katherine begins to sing, and her voice is both hypnotically strong and precisely modulated. She sings from the same location as Jordan, but when the two of them sing together, the screen splits in half so that we can see them both at the same time. They are amazing in every way!

The relationship between a mother and son is a unique and precious one, and the fact that they both have a talent for music is a rare and wonderful blessing.

Many of Katherine and Jordan’s duets have been recorded together in the studio. And, here’s something else.

Katie Rae Bears is the alias under which Katherine creates her creative and lovable teddy bears. Katherine is a visual artist as well.

At one point, Jordan was the music teacher at Parkwood Academy. These two possess a wealth of skill, and they are both recognized as leading lights in their field.

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