The brother of the bride delivers a touching speech during the wedding, leaving everyone in tears despite the fact that he is only 9 years old…

The brother of the bride, who is only nine years old, gives an impassioned speech during the wedding, and almost everyone in attendance ends up crying as a result.

You see, when Gus found out that his sister had gotten engaged, his sentiments grew confused, and he indicated that this was one of the reasons why. He was concerned that his favorite older sister, Catie Hudson, would spend less time with him once she got married since she was his favorite big sister.

Despite having an age gap of more than twenty years between them, the siblings have an exceptionally strong bond. He takes great joy in the time that he gets to spend with her, and the connection that the two of them have is very strong. Except for the wedding, of course.

Up until the time of the wedding toasts, everything was going according to plan. During that point, Gus, who was the younger brother of the bride and was only nine years old, stood up and delivered a heartfelt speech at the wedding.

This adorable young brother grabbed the microphone and addressed his sister and his new brother-in-law directly, and his lips trembled and his eyes welled up with tears as he did so.

“I’m overjoyed to hear that the two of you tied the knot today. Even if I may seem a bit down from up here, I promise you that these are tears of delight. “Catie, you have no idea how much I love you, and I can’t thank you enough for giving me a brother-in-law,” Gus told her.

The fresh bride was in complete disbelief. She couldn’t believe Gus had managed to make the most heartwarming and touching speech during the wedding. Later, when the brother of the bride was questioned why he said what he said in his wedding speech, Gus said that you shouldn’t allow fear drive you away from your family.

He said, “Do not allow this to drive a wedge between you and them since you really love them, and they deeply love you.””

That is a piece of wisdom that deserves to be toasted. I hope that, in addition to being siblings, Catie and Gus will always be the very best of friends to one another.

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