The CEO of cookie company with Down syndrome creates sweet opportunities for disabled people…

Collette Divitto is working toward her goal of making this world a better place by baking cookies.

A lady with Down syndrome who is 31 years old and the CEO of her own cookie firm also works for the rights of other people who have special needs and assists other persons with disabilities in finding employment.

After completing the ClemsonLIFE program at Clemson University and receiving her diploma, Divitto relocated to Boston and immediately began her search for employment there.

However, none of her applications were successful in landing her a job as she has received letters stating that she is not a “good match” for the company.

Therefore, she came to the conclusion that she should launch her own business and employ herself. In 2016, she established her business under the name Collettey’s Cookies and boasts, “When it comes to baking, I am rather skilled and I t brightens my mood tremendously.”

She has made more than 550,000 dollars off of the sale of cookies and in addition to that, she established the Collettey’s Leadership Program as a charitable organization with the goal of assisting other persons with disabilities in obtaining employment.

She utters the following phrase: “I genuinely want to assist these folks who have a condition and can’t find work. People with disabilities make up 85 percent of the jobless population and have a much harder time finding work”

Hhalf of the 15 people working for her firm have a condition. Her charitable organization receives financial assistance from a share of the proceeds from her cookie enterprise. Additionally, Divitto devotes time and energy to lobbying for the rights of other individuals with disabilities.

She adds, “It makes me feel so motivated,” and I believe her. “Being able to assist other individuals is an incredible feeling.”

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