The couple decided to adopt the husky the moment they found out what had happened to him…

The organization PetSmart Charities just reached the milestone that will warm your heart: 10 million adoptions.

The adoption of a formerly abandoned Siberian husky called Balto by the De La Rosa family served as the nonprofit organization’s ten-millionth successful pet placement.

When the De La Rosas first met Balto, they had no intention of adopting a dog into their family.

Vanessa De La Rosa shared the story of the day her family first encountered Balto at a pet shop in Texas.

“We saw that PetSmart Charities was going to be doing its pet adoption event throughout the course of that weekend, which is why they had the tent set up outside. And right before we stepped into the shop, we were saying things like, “Let’s just look around,” “Vanessa continues.

Within a short period of time, Vanessa, her husband Ezri, and their son, who is one of the couple’s three children, gravitated towards one dog in particular. This dog was a husky with piercing blue eyes and a peaceful yet lively temperament.

“The more time that passed between my son and Balto, the clearer it seemed to me that the two of them were connected. Someone brought my kid a dog toy, and he was playing with Balto, and Balto never once made us afraid while we were near him, even when my son was playing with the dog toy.”

After learning more about the dog’s history, they were certain that adopting Balto was the right choice for them as he had a sad existence before being rescued; he was left outdoors and compelled the weather with no contact with humans.

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