The couple feared that they would never become parents, yet now they have a family of 12 children…

The process of becoming parents was challenging for the couple. They had a difficult time becoming pregnant again after the devastating loss of a pregnancy.

However, when they eventually got the fantastic news that they were expecting their second child, they were overcome with pleasure. They had no idea that this would just be the beginning of many such events.

The Rogers family increased in size and affection as each new kid was welcomed into the fold.

Courtney and Chris treasured the trip that their family was on with each new member that joined them. When they had 10 children, they decided that they wanted to have 12 children, much like the famous family from the book and movie “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

Love, laughter, and life can be found in plenty inside the Rogers family.

Their newest addition, baby Cambria, together with their six boys and six girls – Clint, Clay, Cade, Callie, Cash, Colt, Case, Calena, Caydie, Coralee, and Caris – are the source of their greatest delight.

Courtney feels an overwhelming sense of thankfulness as she sees her children develop on their farm, which is home to more than 140 animals. She will go on with their education at home, seeing to the growth of their faith and fostering a connection with each of them.

The Rogers family is a wonderful illustration of what it looks like to put one’s faith in destiny.

Their journey has been one of faith, hope, and love, and their story is a witness to the power of faith.

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