The crowd goes absolutely wild as a security guard interrupts the University of Tennessee football cheerleaders…

A security officer interrupted the dance that the University of Tennessee football cheerleaders were doing as they were in the midst of performing it. And you won’t believe what comes next,.

The guy wearing the blue shirt and khaki trousers seems completely unaware as he backs up against one of the University of Tennessee football cheerleaders as she is doing her dance routine.

She quickly approaches one of the coaches in order to beg for assistance since the security guy is messing up their routine. The sideline coach, who was wearing his headset at the time, spoke out for the young lady during the incident.

It would seem that there is a lull in the activity on the field, which affords the coach the opportunity to attend to other matters.

An dispute breaks out as the coach approaches the oblivious security man who was standing nearby. The dancers push the security guy back toward the sideline after he has turned toward the field and is about to enter the playing area, however, he gets up and starts dancing!

This guy’s got some serious dance skills, even if he’s not wearing a leotard or elastic trousers. Additionally, he does not work as a security guard in any capacity.

He goes by the name Michael Galyean and aspires to be an actor as well as a dancer.

Kelley Tafazzoli, who is the Women’s Cheer and Dance Coach, contacted Michael with the idea of having him take part in the parody that would take place during the game on October 29. Only one week before the performance, Michael was provided with a video of the dance. And he just had one hour to practice with the squad before the game!

Michael has the necessary timing, attitude, and dancing talents, all of which are essential to the performance.

He is an obvious favorite among the cheerleaders for the University of Tennessee football team. In point of fact, if he doesn’t achieve his ambitions in the performing world, he could be able to join the team!

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