The daughter of Michael Landon is holding out hope that her late father is close by her son, while tragic passing of her son still raises many questions…

On October 31, the actor Michael Landon would have been 86 years old had he been alive to celebrate. In the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, Landon was thrust into the public eye as a result of his starring roles in the television shows “Little House on the Prairie,” “Highway to Heaven,” and “Bonanza.” .

In 1991, Landon was given a diagnosis of exocrine adenocarcinoma, a kind of cancer that is incurable and ultimately terminal.

A few of months later, on July 1, 1991, he passed away. His wife, nine children, and nine grandkids, all of whom survive him, continue to remember and celebrate him even though he has been gone for thirty-two years.

His daughter Shawna offered him an emotional tribute to mark his special day by wishing him a happy birthday and expressing the hope that he was spending the day with his loved ones.

She has fond memories of her father, who was a guy who devoted himself to his family. She recalls how he would take her and her siblings on adventures such as camping, fishing, and going to the beach.

She also claims that her father instilled in her and her siblings the values of being genuine, honest, and developing into individuals of integrity.

Shawna attached a great deal of emotional significance to the memorial to her father, and this was only one of many reasons why. It was her method of conveying the sentiment that she hoped her son Dylan was by her father’s side at the time.

Dylan was one of a total of nine grandkids who belonged to Landon.

He was born to his daughter Shawna and her former boyfriend Tim Seltzer, who was the son of the screenwriter David Seltzer. Sadly, Seltzer passed away when Dylan was just four years old.

Shawna carried on with her life, married Chad Lupia in 2006 and had two children, Olivia and Sophia, after their union.

Dylan was tragically lost in August after being pushed down by a Los Angeles Metro Bus. Shawna claims that her kid was struck by a bus, but the driver kept driving and didn’t stop until he reached the next bus stop.

Later on, he would say that he did not know he had struck someone and that he assumed someone had attempted to deface the bus when in fact someone had hit them.

Shawna has a strong suspicion that Dylan was on his way to see his late grandma Lynn when the disaster occurred there.

She claims that Dylan had a really strong relationship with his grandmother, and that he may have wished to go to the house where she had lived before.

Shawna claims that he still had his wallet on him when he was discovered, which had his identification, money, and credit card.

However, his cellular phone and auto keys were not found, and they have not been found to this day. In addition, his automobile has not been located.

Shawna is still looking for answers even after a number of months have passed, and she insists that she won’t give up until she finds out the truth about what happened to her kid.



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