The dog who was left behind during the snowfall is now having the time of her life with the firemen who came to…

The life of Ashley, the pit dog, was anything from simple. Her former owners did not properly care for her, since she was seldom fed, rarely taken outdoors, and was abandoned in the midst of a storm.

Erica Mahnken, one of the co-founders of No More Pain Rescue, and Michael Favor, her fiancé, were fortunate enough to locate the one-year-old puppy in January of 2017.

Mahnken revealed this information, saying, “We received a phone call from someone that there was a couple living in an abandoned home.

They did not have any kind of heating or power, and there was a dog in the house, therefore, as soon as we received the phone call, we sprinted to her location and grabbed her.”

In order to save Ashley, the pair decided to drive to the area. When they arrived, Favor requested Mahnken to wait in the vehicle while he went inside the house to look for the dog.

After some time had passed, he related to Mahnken how deplorable the circumstances were within the house.

Favor informed her that there was no power and that it was quite cold. The people that owned Ashley didn’t even leave her any food or water behind for her.

The whole home was a wreck, with shattered windows and excrement strewn around wherever you looked. To put it another way, there was no way someone could call it home. Ashley was remarkably undamaged despite the deplorable surroundings in which she was forced to live.

When Favor led her out of the deserted house, the dog’s joy was obvious to anybody who saw her and she could not contain it. Mahnken recalls how she came racing down, in a very pleased state. “She sprang into the passenger seat of my automobile.”

However, following an examination by a veterinarian, it was determined that she lacked weight by 25 pounds, and, to make matters even worse, they found that Ashley had cigarette burns on the crown of her skull.

Because No More Pain Rescue did not have a physical shelter where Ashley could reside, Mahnken and Favor were immediately tasked with the responsibility of finding her a foster home. They were fortunate enough to have acquaintances working with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY).

The couple was aware that the Fort Pitt fire station had previously been home to a dog, so they approached the firemen there and inquired about the possibility of fostering Ashley until they could find her a permanent family.

According to Mahnken, “as soon as she stepped into the firehouse, her tail was wagging, and she was kissing and welcoming everyone.  She was over the moon with joy.” After a few days had passed, the FDNY phoned Mahnken to inquire about the possibility of keeping Ashley.

Since that time, Ashley has had the time of her life volunteering at the firehouse. According to Mahnken, “She is always on the move – she goes on minor runs with them, and she travels on the fire truck with them.

She never leaves the kitchen and is there every time they sit down to eat. She always has a never-ending supply of goodies.” Even inside the fire truck, there is a specific place for her to sit that has been reserved by the firemen.

“I’m so pleased we got her into a house that will show her nothing but love, and not turn her become the pit bull that people love to despise so fast,” Mahnken said.

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