The employees were taken aback when the customer returned to the store with a police officer after he…

When Alicia Danielle was working at a pawn shop, she once had a customer come in who was interested in purchasing a new pair of shoes. Though, his credit card was being refused when he tried to purchase the shoes, so he left the store before surprising everyone when he returned with a police officer in tow.

Danielle said that she could see how much the guy needed the shoes since the ones that he was wearing at the time were practically about to come off of his feet.

The guy persisted in trying to use his credit card even after it was denied, and he went back to the store 15 minutes later accompanied by a law enforcement officer. In light of the circumstances, Danielle and her coworker approached a police officer and inquired about the apparent source of the issue.

The officer said, “No, there’s no issue. However, if you still have the shoes, I’d like to go ahead and purchase them” and It ended out that the co-worker of Danielle’s who was also a police officer agreed to help purchase the shoes that the guy truly needed by purchasing them together and dividing the cost.

Because there was no client in the store at the time, Danielle underlined that the action that her coworker and the police officer took was a real act of compassion and not a “fake to care” move.

Danielle was moved by the officer’s kind gesture, and she realized that she had no choice but to tell everyone about the experience. “I’m just publishing this because there is a never-ending supply of anger, distrust, and division in the society that we live in today.

There is still a long way to go, but I guarantee you that acts of compassion on a smaller scale, like this one, are what are going to restore confidence and faith in our communities.”

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