The ex-girlfriend of Simon Cowell assures that she would not miss his wedding to Lauren Silverman…

The British music mogul and his fiancée have been dating each other on and off for the better part of three decades, but the singer of “So Macho” confesses that they have not yet decided when they will be married.

Despite claims to the contrary, the close friend of the judge on “American Idol,” Sinitta, said that there are no concrete plans in place for a wedding with Lauren Silverman, his longstanding companion.

“A date has not yet been decided; there have also not been any invitations sent out. However, when it happens, it is going to be an amazing sight to see.”

The singer, who is 58 years old at this point, went on to explain, “People were saying I’m going to miss it [while on tour], but I’m not.”

“I’m at a loss as to what I should give him to take with him to his new home. What would you get for a guy who already has everything?”

Sinitta dated Simon in the late 1980s, and since he is already such a wonderful father, she thinks that he would be a “great spouse” in the future. She was quoted as saying, “He’ll make a lovely spouse. He is a fantastic example of a parent.

Eric is a true example of a product of his generation. He is an exact replica of Simon. He is an exact replica of him in every conceivable aspect, even down to his sense of humor and his manner. I just like seeing them connect with one another.”

The singer who achieved success with the song “So Macho” and whose ex-husband, Andy Willner, is the father of her daughters Magdalena, 17, and Zac, 16, reiterated that she does not consider her relationship with Simon to be “strange” in any sense of the word.

“Some people think it odd that you can still be friends with your ex, but because we kept working together even after we split up and because we have so many mutual friends, our relationship is more akin to that of brothers and sisters.”


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