The family believes they have received a sign that their lost son is “Still With Them…” 

After learning that a message written 33 years ago by a much-loved family member had been discovered, Dr. Eric and Mrs. Melanie Dahl, along with their son Chris, recently met up with Billy Mitchell and Brad Babb, shipyard workers from Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Brian Dahl began his education at Oxford University School when he was just 11 years old, where his instructor, Martha Burnett, who has since retired, gave the kids the assignment of writing notes and placing them in bottles that were wax-sealed and capped before being released into “The Big Muddy.”

Unbelievably, the message written by Brian was discovered over 33 years later and some 295 miles away from where it had been sent adrift!

The discovery of the bottle was an exciting moment for Billy and Brad, who then began searching for the author of the letter by reading messages on various social media platforms. While Dr. Dahl was attending church, he got a phone call informing him about the post that was made on Facebook.

The discovery was a lot more significant to Eric, Melanie, and Chris than it would have been if it had simply been a great story about a message in a bottle. It was a much more significant item!

The tattered and worn note in the bottle was written by Brian Dahl, who was not only the son of Eric and Melanie Dahl but also Chris Dahl’s brother. In 2007, Brian passed away at the age of 29 after being involved in an accident at his house. By that time, Brian, who was a devoted rider, had successfully completed his treatment for cancer.

Therefore, this communication from the past was a tremendous gift that was bestowed upon Brian’s family.

There is no way that Billy and Brad could have known the significance that their investigation would have on The Dahl Family.

Billy remarked, “He is still present with them. I believe that to be the meaning of the note when we discovered it- to reassure his mother and father that he was, in fact, keeping an eye on them as well.”

Eric Dahl remarked, “It sounds like something out of a made-up story or something you may see on television. It was a miracle to see Brian’s handwriting from when he was 11 or 12 years old. The writing was on old school papers.”

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