The father discovers a note on his vehicle left by the couple who had been staring at him at Cracker Barrel…

Have you ever had the impression that you were being watched by someone? That was exactly how Kevon Smith, Sr. felt while he was having breakfast at Cracker Barrel with his little son.

Kevon and his kid may have drawn the attention of an elderly couple patronizing the restaurant the minute they came into the parking lot. The pair continued to stare at Kevon and his son throughout their time there.

The Ohio father couldn’t help but wonder why a certain pair couldn’t seem to take their gaze off of him when he was eating breakfast with his baby son, Kevon Jr. It turned out that he didn’t have to speculate for very long.

When Kevon exited the restaurant, it was immediately obvious why the pair had been staring at each other as the message from the couple was discovered by the father on the windshield of his automobile.

A portion of the message read as follows:  “My wife and I would want to pay for your supper today. Have fun with that newborn boy for as long as the Lord wants you to. Carry on in the same manner that you have been, The Masons”.

Along with the message, there was a sufficient amount of money to pay the supper for the father and son, however, the Masons probably did not anticipate the extent to which the act of compassion would have an effect on Kevon.

The most of his formative years were spent without the presence of his biological father, so, on the day when Kevon, Jr. was born, Kevon, Sr. had already resolved to be a present and responsible parent for his child.

Therefore, the compliments that the elderly couple bestowed upon him out of the blue meant a great deal to him and the kind father does not take the Masons’ gift lightly at all.

He replied, “I’m absolutely going to make sure that I’m paying it forward and be a blessing to another person.”

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