The father got a call, saying his daughter “passed away in an accident”, but as he could not believe it, he went…

The news that Hannah Wadiso, age 18, had passed away in the severe  vehicle accident left her father in utter disbelief.

“At around seven o’clock in the evening, she said that she was interested in going to O Street to see the automobile race. ‘Everyone’s watching,'” Hannah’s father remembers.

Something deep inside him was urging him to hold on to her and not let her go. Nevertheless, it’s not hard to ignore such little nudges sometimes. “My heart couldn’t find peace,” he remarked. “I was worried.”

Tesfaye Ailbe went so far as to attempt to track Hannah and her companions, however, when he was unable to locate them, he went back home, most likely out of concern that he was being overprotective.

But then, a few hours later, he received the phone call that no father ever wants to receive, saying, “Your daughter has been in an accident.”

It was as simple as that. After hearing about the accident, Hannah Wadiso’s father bolted out of the home and rushed to the site.

And when he got there, a cop broke the news to him that his daughter had passed away in a vehicle accident.

Hannah Wadiso’s family got a phone call informing them that she was in the hospital in severe condition only a few hours after they were informed that their daughter had passed in a vehicle accident.

After a frantic dash, the family arrived at the hospital just in time to see Hannah, who was being treated for a fractured pelvis.

And then, after a few of days had passed, Hannah eventually opened her eyes for the very first time. When she finally met her family, she was overcome with emotion and started crying.

Hannah Wadiso has a long road ahead of her as she makes her way back to health, and her parents are doing their best to care for both of their children, one of whom also has unique requirements.

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