The fish has been visiting this lady every day since they first met each other 5 years ago due to…

Over the course of the last five years, Curious Fish has paid a lady almost daily visits; the two have developed an enduring and remarkable connection that continues to astound others.

Holly Jorgensen was relaxing and taking in the scenery from her dock when she saw what seemed to be a fish watching over an egg nest.

Things were fine until the point when she saw that he was staring at her. Ever since that moment, the fish has been paying the lady daily visits for the last five years.

There was something really peculiar about the way the fish seemed to be focusing their attention on her, moreover, “Greenie” appeared to have a significant amount of affection for Holly.

However, it was discovered that this one specific small companion continued to return to the pier on a daily basis following the first encounter they had. “Until I heard about a university research that demonstrated that fish can differentiate one human face among 44 others and remember it”.

When the first winter arrived, Holly was concerned about whether or not she would see Greenie again when the snow melted.

To her astonishment, as soon as spring arrived, the fish was waiting for her on the pier as it had been doing every year since they had first met.

Greenie may come with a companion on rare instances; however, unlike Greenie, the companions of Greenie’s traveling companions do not often return.

Their connection only becomes stronger over time, and Greenie is certain that Holly would watch out for his best interests no matter what.

When Holly wants to go swimming at the lake, her best buddy goes with her, and when others see them together, they are often taken aback.

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