The foster father was unable to face the thought of separating the children who were weeping, so he decided to adopt all of them as he was the only one…

One of the most precious things that this planet can bestow upon us is the gift of a loving family.

Robert Carter was well aware of the significance of spending time with those who were dear to him, therefore, despite the fact that he was a bachelor at the time, he made the choice to become a father to five children who were all living in foster care.

In December of 2019, Carter started providing foster care for the 3 boys Robert Jr., Giovanni, and Kiontae, then, he found out that the two of them had two more sisters named Marionna and Makayla who were also in the foster care system.

He was surprised to learn that the siblings hadn’t seen each other in over half a year. It was important for them to reconnect, so he arranged for the girls’ foster mothers to get together.

Carter said, “Because I can empathize with what they went through, reading it truly moved me. I had been considering adopting all of the children until I heard them weeping, at which point I said to myself, “Okay, I’m going to take all five of them to keep them together.”

Carter was able to empathize with the brothers’ tragic circumstance since he entered a foster care program in Hamilton County, Ohio, when he was 12 years old.

His mother gave birth to nine children, and he was kept apart from his siblings for many years of his life.

Carter recalls that the last time he saw his youngest brother, who was only two years old at the time, was when that brother became 16 years old. Because it was such a difficult ordeal, he didn’t want any of his five kids to have to go through it.

After he became an adult and was no longer required to pay child support, he was awarded custody of his younger sister and guardianship of his younger brother. Carter put in a lot of effort so that he would have enough money to buy a larger home that would be suitable for all five of his children.

The adoption case manager, Stacey Barton, stated that she had never before witnessed a single individual adopt this many children at once.

“Mr. Carter was the only foster parent willing and able to adopt all of the children,” she claimed.

Because of his upbringing, he is acutely aware of the significance of maintaining the relationships between brothers. He claims that being a father is something that he looks forward to doing and that raising kids is much simpler than he could have ever imagined!

This adoptive father, and all adoptive parents like him, deserve praise for placing the requirements of his adopted children ahead of their own requirements.

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