The gas station employee who paid for an unknown customer’s gasoline has received contributions equal to eight years’ worth of his income, as the woman realized that…

How would you react if you were given the equivalent of your salary for the next eight years all at once?

Monet van Deventer, a resident of Cape Town, South Africa, was the one who initiated everything by stopping at the petrol station to get more gas. But as soon as she arrived, she had the sudden realization that she did not have any cash or cards on her person.

Monet instantly attempted to stop Nkosikho as she realized that she was unable to pay him. Nkosikho had moved to her vehicle and begun cleaning the windows of it.

“I thanked him for cleaning my windows but informed him that I would not be able to put gasoline in my car today.” She said that he seemed worried and alarmed since he was gazing at her gasoline needle, which was already in the red.

The gas worker couldn’t stand to see her drive like that, so he made Monet a kind offer: he agreed to pay for her gas bill of around R100 (USD 7), so she could refill and go across the highway with sufficient gasoline. Monet accepted his generous offer.

“Ma’am, he told me, you can’t run out of gas on the N2,” she added. ‘I’ll pay R100 and whenever you are near again you can just give me back my R100.” She then saw Nkosikho take out his own bank card and pay for the petrol with it at the register.

Before she could say anything, he began to replenish her almost empty gas tank.

Unfortunately for Nkosikho, he earns the minimum salary in his job, thus the R100 was almost equal to how much he makes in a single day.

Even though he couldn’t be certain that Monet would return to repay his money, he nonetheless offered to pay for her gas in spite of this uncertainty. It ended out that Nkosikho had absolutely nothing to be concerned about.

A couple of days later, Monet returned with his money and a box of chocolates in her possession.

“I felt a tremendous sense of relief when she made her way back. You can tell when someone appreciates something you’ve done for them because they look at you in a certain way, and I could see in her eyes that she did.”

However, Monet had even more in store for the kind gas attendant who lent her money when she was short on cash and needed it to fill her vehicle. She shared their story on Facebook, and almost immediately it gained widespread attention, and soon after, Nkosikho began to receive a steady flow of requests for financial support in the form of contributions.

The fundraising event was a huge success, ultimately bringing in close to $94,000. This sum is about comparable to eight years’ worth of Nkosikho’s salary.

Shell’s upper management learned of their employee’s kind act, and as a result, the business has chosen to put up his name for consideration for the Regional Service Excellence Award.

In addition to this, Shell has pledged to make a donation in the amount of $35,000 to a local charity of Nkosikho’s choosing.

This money was a tremendous blessing for the gas station employee and his family since they live in such a cramped space with their mother and brother in addition to their two young children.

“I was simply pleased to see her drive away knowing that she would get where she had to go to safely and I had no clue that I would have my life so blessed in return for what I did,” he said.

Nkosikho’s kind act caused him to become an immediate celebrity in his community, in addition to the sudden fortune he had acquired. After a long day at work, residents of the township often approach him to take their picture and ask for a selfie.

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