The girl was sure everything was fine with her, but the dog started acting differently and then…

As part of her treatment for her condition, Shauna Darcy acquired Ruby, the service dog and they have been inseparable from their first meeting.

Shauna revealed the following: “In the course of training her to be a service dog, I began to notice that she became more aware of fluctuations in my heart rate.

In order to gain my attention, for example, it may paw at me, climb on top of me, and so on.”

Ruby has learned to keep her owner’s stress levels in control and monitor her heart rate and blood pressure.

Known as vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Shauna’s illness may induce fainting, severe physical symptoms, and even passing.

“When I fall asleep, she lays on top of me and licks my hands and face till I wake up.”

Even more astoundingly, Ruby saved Shauna’s life just recently. Despite the fact that she was feeling inef, Ruby was able to alert her owner, Shauna, to the fact that something was wrong.

Paramedics discovered that Shauna had an arterial fibrillation, and she was close to unconscious when they arrived, luckily, now she feels good and is about to be discharged.

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