The gravity-defying spectacle that is Alexandra Trusova’s Wonder Woman ice skating performance is a visual delight that one would be silly to pass up…

With her breathtaking display of athleticism, Alexandra Trusova completely captivated everyone in the room. In addition to her outstanding talents, this svelte skater has a lot more to offer than meets the eye.

Watch as Alexandra, also known as Sasha, wears a standard black trench coat as she skates on the ice.

Even though it’s not the flashy bodysuit we’re used to seeing, it manages to create an understated and understatedly elegant atmosphere for the beginning of her performance. As the clapping gradually dies down, we can then make out the sound of a helicopter.

In her role as Wonder Woman, Alexandra stares upwards with an expression that suggests she is aware of something ominous on its way, namely a conflict that would soon need her to engage in combat. While “Song to the Siren” plays in the background, Wonder Woman skates in pensive silence before the impending conflict.

Approximately one minute and thirty seconds into the video, Alexandra does a turn, then kneels down and unties the belt that is attached to her coat. It’s possible that this move is the only one in the whole video that appears to provide Alexandra with any kind of problem at all.

She seemed to be thrilled to show the audience what comes next as she glances up at them as she is being released from her restraints. The song “Wonder Woman Defending” and “And What Rough Beast” are going to play throughout the rest of the video.

In the end, Wonder Woman became victorious in the pageant held in Tallinn, Estonia in 2022, while Alexandra finished in third place.

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