The heartfelt song “Papa What If” is written and performed by Rory Feek and his daughter Indiana, after her mother’s…

The country artist Rory Feek and his daughter Indiana have written a touching song for Father’s Day called “Papa What If,” and they are warming our hearts with it.

Because Indiana or Indy has done such an outstanding job, we are certain that Joey Feek is beaming down from heaven with pride at what they have accomplished.

Fans were moved by Rory and Joey’s marriage, as well as by their award-winning musicianship. Rory and Joey were both successful musicians.

Their love story was a true “until heaven do us part” one, and it stayed consistent all the way up to the end when Joey passed away as a result of cervical cancer.

Even though Joey has moved on to glory, Rory is now parenting his daughter Indy by alone. He said in an interview that he “still feels married,” despite the fact that Joey has passed away.

We can sense the love between Indy and her dad as we listen to this touching Father’s Day song, “Papa What If,” and we know how much she admires her dad as she looks up at him in the music video.

If we can become better at appreciating every minute we spend with the people we care about, we will have more great memories to look back on in the future.

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