The heartwarming response of a toddler to his father cutting off his beard is melting hearts all over the internet…

When your child has only seen you with a beard, shaving it off is nearly always sure to evoke a strong emotional response from your youngster.

This little girl Ellie was utterly taken aback when her father, Arthur, really complied with her request to shave off his beard.

Ellie may be heard on a recording of an earlier automobile chat with her father saying, “I don’t like this,” while caressing her father’s beard. Arthur questioned, “So what should I do?” Ellie instructed him to remove the thing.

It turns out that the child has no memory of the conversation at all.

In the course of his conversation with Ellie, Arthur removed his disguise, so exposing his recently shaved face. It was impossible to misunderstand the look of astonishment on her face.

“Hey, what gave you the idea to take it off?” She inquired about it without malice, then, her father responded, “You said you want me to take it off,” to her question.

After that, she proceeds to quiz him with questions that could only be conceived of by a child. Nevertheless, it felt as if there was one query that she just couldn’t shake. She giggled and said to him, “You are so ridiculous.” ”

After then, it looked as if Ellie had come to terms with the changed appearance of her father.

The young lady murmured to Arthur as she lightly stroked the area of his face where his beard had been. “I like your face.”

That youngster is aware that compliments have the power to make others feel linked and appreciated, and she desires for her father to have such feelings.  Isn’t this the sweetest conversation a papa could have with his little girl?

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