The homeowner’s “Faith in Humanity” was restored by the appearance of three children with $700 on his security footage…

After arriving home in Colorado on a steamy day of July 2018, homeowner Jamie Carlton reviewed the video from his CCTV system as soon as he was able to. The homeowner stared at the unfolding drama on his front porch in the early hours of that day in utter disbelief as it took place.

Carlton was able to witness three youngsters riding their bikes up to his house and approaching his front door as he was monitoring the CCTV footage of his property.

A pre-recorded message from his home security system started playing for them when it detected that no one was in the house. It read, “Hello, we are now unable to answer the door, however there is a camera filming, leave us a note.”

It seemed as if the youngsters were setting something on his porch, and then they started talking to the camera when they had finished.

They informed him that they had located his wallet outside of his car, which contained a total of seven hundred dollars, and that they wanted to give it back to him.

The money belonged to Carlton Drake’s son, Nigel Drake, who had misplaced his wallet after getting off work and brought it into the house with him. After that, all three of the children hopped back on their bicycles and rode off down the street.

The generosity shown by the youngsters really affected Carlton and Drake, who were both driven to tears and Drake expressed his amazement by stating, “I watched the video, and it was just these wonderful kids who simply chose to do the decent thing.

It restores your trust in mankind a little bit when you realize that there are nice children in the world who are brought up in an appropriate manner by their parents.”

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