The Husband Purchases His Wife’s Childhood Home to Renovate Into a New House, and the Results Are Stunning…

Both Jessica Miller, age 35, and her spouse Adam, age 38, are in the real estate business as home flippers.

Nevertheless, one of their initiatives was going to need an incredible lot of labor on their part. It just so happened that the ancient, run-down house in the middle of Concord, North Carolina’s downtown was also the place where Jessica had spent her youth.

According to recent statements made by Adam to the Epoch Times, Jessica placed a high value on the mansion that had been constructed in the early 1900s.

According to Adam, “her whole youth was spent congregating at the home with friends, relatives, and other loved ones in order to share memories.” Our home was without a doubt the hub of activity for a very large and extended family.

Both Adam and Jessica were going to have to put a significant amount of effort into the house. Adam had the foresight to see very immediately that the house’s foundation and roof were going to need major renovations on their own.

The husband-and-wife duo was successful in restoring the building that was built more than a century ago.

On Instagram, Adam shared a video displaying a before and after comparison of the home that was rather striking. When it came to discussing who done what work in and on the home, Adam was quite forthright.

He went on to explain that although she was responsible for designing the kitchens and bathrooms, he was the one who really did the work and labor. “She does most of the thinking, while I provide the physical labor,” the speaker said.

It has been predicted that the cost of the repair will be somewhere in the area of $180,000 to $200,000 dollars. It cost close to one hundred thousand dollars to complete the work on the outside of the home, which included replacing the roof, the foundation, the porch, and the guttering.

A little more than two years passed from the couple’s acquisition of the home in November of 2020 before the remodel was completed.

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