The instructor uncovers the mystery package and reveals its contents to the class. What They Discover Beneath It Drives Them to Tears…

Reading, writing, and arithmetic are only few of the many important life skills that may be learned in school. One instructor in Toronto, Canada, recently brought to our attention the fact that the classroom is also a place to cultivate communal values and strong morals.

Stephanie claims that her pupils come from a diverse range of backgrounds. This was especially relevant during the previous academic year, when several of her pupils had just moved from foreign countries.

Therefore, in addition to instructing them in the essentials, she made the decision to include a focus on acceptance and inclusion into her lesson plan.

The scene in the movie Like Mike in which a little child is given a pair of Michael Jordan’s shoes served as a source of motivation for her. Stephanie expressed why she was motivated by the film’s message in an Instagram post that has since gone viral.

She said that “It’s not about the shoes; instead, it’s who wears the shoes that makes them remarkable.”

The educator screened the movie for her class and then got to work on a number of assignments based on the content of the film. In order to include mathematics into the lesson plan, she had each student make a pair of paper shoes that reflected their unique personalities.

In addition, she had everyone measure their shoe sizes. They had no idea that Stephanie had another, even more exciting gift in store for them—their very own pair of Air Jordans.

Stephanie kept the boxed white shoes a secret from her classmates until the very final week of the school year, when she revealed that she had acquired them via various fundraising initiatives.

She acknowledged in the video posted on Instagram that some of her pupils were moved to tears by the act of kindness shown to them.

The students were then tasked with personalizing their footwear with the assistance of a neighborhood sneaker customisation shop in order to demonstrate their uniqueness and sense of fashion.

She explained that her kids watched the movie in order to better understand that a person’s character is what sets them apart from others and that how you treat others may create an impression that lasts a lifetime.

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