The janitor was brought to tears when kindergarten students signed “Happy Birthday” to him in sign language…

Birthday celebrations for James Anthony, often known as Mr. James, took place on October 23.

A thoughtful surprise was put together by the pupils of a kindergarten class for a responsible and committed janitor, but he was unaware of it until it was too late. Therefore, when Mr. James came into a classroom, he most certainly did not anticipate hearing kindergarten students singing the Happy Birthday song.

You may be wondering, “What could possibly be so remarkable about singing happy birthday to someone?”

To say that Mr. James is not your typical school custodian would be an understatement.

Due to the fact that the diligent and devoted guy has a hearing problem, his kindergarten class was required to learn how to sing “Happy Birthday” in sign language.

It was impossible for the school custodian who had worked at Hickerson Elementary for the last 15 years to conceal the emotional response he had. Even though Mr. James attempted to conceal his face by covering it with his hands, it is clear that the 60-year-old custodian was pleased by their surprise.

The principal of Hickerson Elementary School, a man called Jimmy Anderson, gave an interview in which he discussed how dedicated Mr. James is to his profession.

Mr. James instructs the children in appropriate social behavior and demonstrates to them how to communicate effectively with others while also teaching them sign language. The youngsters had a lot of affection for Mr. James since he spent a lot of time with them and paid them a lot of attention.

“I was speechless, and I was overcome with emotion. To really appreciate what those youngsters accomplished, you had to have some idea of what it’s like to go through life unable to hear very well; yet, it was quite inspiring to see them,” Mr. James shared with the class how much he values and appreciates the thoughtful surprise that his pupils had arranged for him.

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