The judges are blown away by audience member Taylor Baez when she is plucked from the American Idol crowd…

Young Madison Taylor Baez, who is known by her nickname Maddie, is seen with her father at the beginning of the video. Since she was 4 years old, the little girl has had the wish to participate in the America’s Got Talent competition.

As she describes how she will now be able to watch them record the program, the tears begin to fall from her eyes.

Whenever there is a pause in the program for commercials, the emcee will ask members of the audience if anybody would want to sing for everyone to enjoy while they wait.

But all changed when he approached Maddie, who was only a little girl, and asked her to sing.

She selects an emotionally charged performance of “Amazing Grace.” When Simon hears her, he is on his way back to his seat, and his eyebrows immediately raise in amazement and adoration as he listens to her.

The response from the audience and the judges is overwhelmingly positive. After giving her a hug, the emcee leads her over to the judges so that she may speak with them.

After asking her what her name is and how old she is, Simon is met by shouts from the crowd demanding that she on the stage. They invite her up onto the stage to perform a song for them.

She reveals that she has seen a number of tapings of the program and that it has always been her ambition to perform a song during one of the show’s commercial breaks. She is living her goal today, and the song she was singing during the commercial break ended up turning into an impromptu audition. As a result of being overwhelmed by her feelings, she begins to weep.

When they asked Maddie what she would do with a million dollars, she said that she would donate some of it to cancer research since her father has been battling stage 4 colon cancer for the last nine years. They were surprised by her response.

The judges make the decision to proceed with the voting, and the audience begins to shout “golden buzzer.”

They choose Madison Taylor Baez to get the golden buzzer and advance her to the live performance. They invite her dad up on stage with them so that he can support them. It was when he was receiving treatment in the hospital that his daughter began singing, according to him.

This little child has a lot of good qualities, and it is incredible to observe the gentle heart that she has.

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