The little dog was found tied to a fire hydrant in Wisconsin along with its backpack and a note…

Early in the month of May, a nearly six-year-old puppy with the bag full of supplies and a letter explaining why the pet’s former owner could no longer care for the canine was discovered in Green Bay.

After taking action to assist the animal, the Wisconsin Humane Society (WHS) stated on Thursday that the shelter’s assistance had resulted in “formally finding a new home” for the mixed-breed canine who goes by the name Baby Girl.

The letter left by the dog’s owner identified the dog as Baby Girl and detailed the reasons why the pet parent could no longer care for the canine. In a post that was published on Facebook on May 5, WHS addressed the prior owner of the dog with a sympathetic message.

According to what WHS wrote, “First and foremost, we are extremely sorry that you had to split ways with your dearest buddy.

It is clear how much you loved her, and we can see that you tried your best despite the fact that you were dealing with the difficulties of your own physical troubles as well as the difficulties of life.

The WHS mentioned in their message to Baby Girl’s previous owner that “the way the person placed the dog  in the middle of a neighborhood where she’d be quickly found” are all signs that the pet’s previous caretaker loved the animal.

“Baby Girl is a sweet little girl who would make a great addition to any family and as now confirmed she has located a new residence.

Thank you so much for your assistance in this matter.”

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