The lonely dog would sleep on the hard concrete, waiting for the morning to come, and here’s why

A cute little puppy waited for youngsters in front of a school to play with them. He would lie down on the chilly concrete after the youngsters had gone home and wait for the following day. Milan from the Puppy Rescue Shelter in Mladenovac, Serbia, had received a request to aid the thin dog that had been at the school for weeks.

When he arrived to help the lonely youngster, he realized the dog’s rear leg was injured, and he was very emaciated. Milan estimated the dog was not even two years old but had been through a lot. Milan was able to easily pick up the dog and was rushed to the clinic, where he was diagnosed with anaplasmosis and a serious infection in his thigh bone.

The nice gentleman has undergone surgery and will soon be ready for a new home!

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