The man is hailed as a hero after he saved the stranger’s life at grocery store… When he heard that…

A man from Texas is being hailed as a hero after he came to the help of a woman who had fallen while shopping for groceries. Although Justin Thomas never planned for his trip to the League City Kroger to wind up in an existence scenario, that is exactly what happened to the father of four.

“I actually saw someone in need,” he said,  “I didn’t even give it a second thought; I sprang into action to help right away.”

While shopping for groceries for his twins, Thomas, a CPR-certified trainer, had a  suspicion that something wasn’t quite right. “I heard someone shout out, so I stepped closer to the source of the noise,”

The father of four, who has medical expertise and formerly served in the United States Coast Guard for 10 years, recognized the situation and responded swiftly to save her life.

“I landed on my knees on both sides.  While looking at her, I observed that she was becoming blue, and I immediately began doing CPR on her.”

“I could really see where the trouble was,” he said. “I simply started hammering her shoulder with my arm, my fingers pointing backwards”.

Following that, Thomas described the experience as “weird, a bizarre feeling.” “It’s like I’m running  and I still have to go to the store to get some milk.”

Later, Thomas stated that he received a phone call from the woman’s family, who told him that she had recovered as a result of his quick help.

Although he expressed his thanks for saving a life, Thomas said to the media that he does not consider himself a hero.

He explained that he is required to know CPR at work and that he renews his education and training every year.

It was also his recommendation that others follow his example and learn how to administer life-saving procedures, stating that you never know when you’ll need them.

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