The manager insults and fires the elderly janitor, not knowing who he is

Nia couldn’t believe it had only been a week since her major promotion. She was now the general manager of one of a fashion retail giant’s locations.

Nia had filled a notebook with ideas for how she would enhance the business if she ever got the chance, years before she earned the promotion. As Nia addressed the workers moments before the shutters went up this morning, the binder sat proudly on her desk.

“All right, fellas. Does everyone understand the new guidelines we’ll be following?” she inquired.

The employees responded with soft nods, grins, and yeses.

“I don’t want anybody to be sloppy or depart from my new rules.” Here’s what we’re going to do to assure that.

“Anyone who fails to follow the new regulations, whether it’s regarding uniforms, client pleasantries, or exhibit layouts, will forfeit their reward for this month.”

Nia saw how sad their faces were, and she smiled triumphantly at her own idea.

The personnel, on the other hand, were completely shocked by such severe action. They couldn’t work, knowing that every slight error, conscious or unconscious, might cost them the money that covered the majority of their expenditures.

The men and women exchanged shocked looks, wondering if they should try to reason with Nia.

Allowing success to get to your head will bring you to your knees.
Despite the fact that the lady had changed dramatically in the previous week, every person in the business was pleased for Nia. They were all aware of how hard she had worked for it over the previous three years. They were all aware of her enthusiasm for the sector. And they were pleased that someone who had started as a floor intern had ascended to such heights.

However, Nia’s newfound confidence was causing more harm than good to the shop and its employees.

She had been altering things from day one of her new job, putting unnecessarily high expectations on individuals she knew were industrious and reacting to the tiniest missteps with extreme wrath and impatience.

But knowing the younger Nia, who had aspired to this position, no one on the team dared tell her she was bad at it.

Except for today, when the group’s most unexpected member stood out.

“Nia, kid, I have something to say,” Victor said, raising his unsteady hand and smiling.

Nia hesitantly turned to face him. She was in no mood to listen to or make comments about the store’s 68-year-old janitor.

“First and foremost, let me say that we’re all really glad to support you with your vision for the shop, Nia,” Victor remarked, making the lady smile. “However, I believe that this new challenge will cause us to operate in terror.” Nobody wants to lose motivation, and perhaps we can find a way to let go of the minor blunders—

Nia had tuned out Victor’s advice and couldn’t help speculating what the rest of the crew was thinking as they nodded in agreement with the elderly guy.

“I can’t allow Victor to speak to me on my level. “I don’t want to transmit that message to the rest of you,” Nia pondered.

“Victor, that’s it!” she said, much to everyone’s surprise.

“How about we solve our own flaws before making recommendations, Victor?” Do you think I haven’t noticed how late you are every day at work? Or how long are your lunch breaks? You used to be able to do all of that, but not anymore. “You must now follow my rules.”

“There’s a reason I’ve been arriving later than the others, Nia…

Nia couldn’t believe the old guy had interrupted her once more. She resolved to put her foot down and set an example once and for all while the other staff stared at her, expecting her reply.

“I don’t care what the explanation is! And you weren’t allowed to interrupt me, were you?”

Victor paused in surprise, having never before been on the receiving end of Nia’s rage or insults.

“Let this serve as an example, people,” Nia remarked. “Anyone who makes excuses under my supervision will be sacked.” just as Victor is about to be! She said.

Victor’s cheeks flushed, and he was ready to beg for his job back.

“That’s correct. Hey! You’ve been sacked, old man! Thank you for all of your time. But I don’t think you’re qualified to work here anymore. Please leave!” Nia sounded almost ecstatic as she dismissed the old guy.

Realizing that nothing could persuade Nia to alter her decision, Victor gently walked out of the business, leaving the staff stunned and in tears.

Victor’s career as a janitor at the business may have ended there. Still, something far more significant was in store for him the next day.

When Mr. Gordon, the multimillion-dollar retail chain’s owner, learned of Victor’s layoff, he grimaced and put down his cup of morning coffee.

“What did she do?” The boss was astounded by Nia’s treatment of the old janitor.

Nia was new to the company and had no idea Victor was the first to be hired.He was an important component of the company’s overall success in the city.

And there was no way Mr. Gordon would allow someone to offend a guy who was like the business’s godfather.

“Can you call him in?” he inquired. Victor had been patiently waiting outside, expecting to explain his side of the story. “..and convene an emergency board meeting! NOW!”

An hour later, Nia was yelling at another seasoned colleague when she heard a voice from behind her.

“Nia? I learned about Victor’s dismissal earlier today. So, if you’re not too busy, I’d like to present you to the new regional manager, to whom you’ll report.

Nina was looking forward to seeing the elegant young guy or lady who would enter through the glass doors.

“That cannot be right…

“Victor, is it you?”

Victor was correct. Thanks to Mr. Gordon, who was now beaming at her, the same old guy she had viciously fired the day before had returned as her supervisor.

“Victor has been with this firm since the beginning—before it was a chain, even before my wife and I had the money to put up a decent sign outside the shop.” I’m confident that his expertise from those days, as well as the years thereafter, will help him handle this new managerial position.

“Of course, he’ll continue to arrive later than the rest of you because his wife Martha is still suffering from her severe sickness, and our Victor has been her only caregiver…

The businessman said incredible things about Victor after incredible things, filling Nia with dread. She turned to face the old guy, who was listening with teary eyes. The ex-janitor has never worn a suit before. But, clad in a three-piece suit and a nice grin, Victor looked every bit the regional manager that day.

“Victor’s first item of business should be to terminate everybody who has acted unprofessionally in the previous few days!” Mr. Gordon remarked, looking directly at Nia.

Nia felt as if the carpet had been whisked from beneath her feet. Victor had every motive to terminate her dream job.

“Victor, I really apologize for how I treated you yesterday. Please don’t let me go. This will never happen again. Victor, I can’t afford to lose this position. Please forgive me.”

Victor’s heart hurt as he watched Nia cry. He had no intention of dismissing the diligent young lady. In truth, Victor was still taken aback by his own promotion and how his employer had defended him.

“Why would I fire you, Nia, my child?” I am aware of how much of yourself you devote to this profession. We’re all aware of it. Sure, you got a bit carried away with your accomplishment, but I’m sure that’s a mistake that any of us might make.

“I’m not upset with you. Your job is safe,” Victor informed Nia, smiling as he turned to face the rest of the crew.

“Come on, folks, go back to work.” It’s strange commanding all of you elderly and children. “Go forth and perform your work well!”

“Let’s look over that binder of yours, Nia,” Victor replied, clearing his throat and putting on his spectacles. You have some excellent ideas in there.

That was the start of a new chapter in Nia, Victor, and the store’s lives. Nia became Victor’s right-hand guy for as long as Victor managed the shop. The pair had an extraordinarily outstanding work dynamic, and they made the store the most successful in the chain’s history.

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