The Marriage of Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva Is Evidence That Love Can Be Found at Any Age, Even If…

Richard Gere, who was 72 at the time, and Alejandra Silva, who was 38, tied the knot in 2018. Theirs is one of the most successful celebrity marriages, despite the fact that there is a 34-year age gap between them.

Richard and Alejandra first became acquainted when she was a lot younger woman and he was using the boat that belonged to her father for a film production. When they were both going through the divorce process from their prior marriages in 2014, the couple began dating at this difficult time for both of them.

Silva went into the beginnings of her association,  “We were acquainted by a common friend, and we instantly felt a fantastic relationship. The whole night, none of us could keep our gaze off of the other, and ever since then, we haven’t been able to tear ourselves away from each other.’

She said, with regard to the stormy start of their relationship, “Love stories that have a difficult start, when the two of you have to work together to overcome hurdles, may draw you closer to one another… At some point in the past, I almost certainly [had some misgivings].

At first, I was less convinced than he was about this. However, we knew from the very beginning that God had us together for a reason. Regarding Gere, she referred to him as “the most humble, sensitive, kind, attentive, amusing, and generous guy.”

She also commented on Gere’s proposal, saying, “This was a very private time between the two of us, but I can tell you that he proposed to me on my birthday in the most romantic hotel I’ve ever seen, in St. Paul de Vence [in the south of France].”

She went on to say that the two of them had been together for a very long time before they got engaged.

In addition, Richard said that he is “the happiest guy on the face of the earth!” He remarked, “I’m married to a beautiful lady who is brilliant, sensitive, dedicated to helping others, fun, patient, understands how to forgive, and who is a terrific cook – and who makes the finest salads in the world!

In addition to that, she is Spanish, which is the nation of kings and queens, Cervantes, and Buel… There is no way that things could be any better than now.”

The couple claims that their love and desire for one other have not been affected by the 34-year age gap that exists between them. The way things turned out in this life were inevitable, according to Silva.

“He has assured me that I will be happy for at least the next two decades! What has connected us the most is our desire to serve other people who need it, our devotion to Buddhism, and our devotion to the Tibetan people,” she said of what binds them together in marriage.

Before Alejandra and Richard tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony held at Richard’s home just outside of New York City, Alejandra had become a Buddhist.

In preparation for the couple’s wedding, the home had been transformed into an Indian-themed fantasy replete with Jaipur tents and Tibetan flags. The bride and groom arrived at the home in a tuk-tuk.

Their relationship is a wonderful illustration of how people of any age may find love and become happy than they have ever been in their whole lives.

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