The Message That the Waiter Left on the Receipt Stunned the Police Officers…

A simple act of generosity brought smiles to people in Sidell, Louisiana, as well as the Sidell Police Department, and it was all thanks to Facebook.

Many individuals, when they go out to dine at a restaurant, anticipate sitting down, eating their meal, paying their money, and then leaving the establishment. There were several cops from the Sidell Police Department who had an unusual eating experience.

These officers were from the Sidell Police Department. One day, during their lunch break, these law enforcement officers made the decision to eat at Outback Steakhouse. The check was being compiled even as they were wrapping off their dinner at the restaurant. The manager and the server made the decision to take action and do a little act of kindness.

Zoe Rao and Arline Wood came to the conclusion that they would foot the money for the police officers. After completing these actions, Arline, the server, delivered the cops their bill and included a handwritten note on it.

The statement thanked everyone for their service and thanked them individually. With a cheery face and the words “Enjoy your supper on us!” written on it. The cops on duty were taken aback by the generosity shown by these ladies and are grateful to them.

In order to comply with the rules of the department as well as the ethical regulations, the police left a tip that was equal to the whole amount of the bill in addition to expressing their gratitude.

After some time had passed, the police officers from Sidell expressed their appreciation on Facebook.

They created a post in which the bill was included, along with a remark that said, “Words can’t convey how this makes all of us feel. Thank you, Ms. Arlene and Zoe, for being so kind and showing your respect for police enforcement.”

This article soon received more than one thousand shares on Facebook, which led to it being viral not just on Facebook but also on other platforms. Arline and Zoe were both taken aback by all the attention that they received.

They said, “They are the nicest people, and I liked waiting on them. They care about the town, they care about everyone, they’re just amazing men, our whole police force is great.”

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