The moment these young dancers stepped onto the dance floor and did a twirl, they had the audience’s attention

Ryan Boz and Alexis Garrish, both 15, confidently stroll onto the dance floor to begin a routine that would end up earning them first place in the Young Adult Division at the 2015 US Open Swing Dance Championships.

The two young dancers captivated the floor with their musicality and flair, largely doing their own choreography to “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon.

According to their dance teacher, Debbie Ramsey Boz, Ryan and Alexis have both danced since they were young children and come from dance families, “with both moms competing throughout the years in Swing Dance Competitions (including the US Open) against each other, now finding themselves both on the same team.”

That confidence shines through in their precise and graceful actions on the dance floor. Check out their incredible performance and share it with your friends!

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