The most amazing flash mob ever started with a little girl dropping money in a hat

In today’s world, it’s popular to catch people by surprise.

With the internet and mobile phones at our disposal, it’s no surprise that large surprises are designed to catch strangers’ responses when they least expect them.

Sometimes, though, the surprise is simply too exquisite to put into words.

Unbeknownst to the audience, a solitary musician was performing in the middle of a plaza. It all happened in Sabadell, Spain.
Strangers surrounded the man as he waited with his instrument.

He was dressed in a tuxedo and wore a hat to collect tips.

The first person to approach the musician and place a penny in his hat was a small girl.

When he started playing Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy,” she stared in awe.

Then another woman made her way through the crowd, sitting in a nearby chair, to join in on the fun with her own stringed instrument.

More people stopped to listen to the couple serenade everyone.

But no one realized that was only the beginning of a spectacular tableau unfolding in Placa de Sant Roc.

Suddenly, more musicians descended on the square.

There were a few at first, but the flood continued.

From people who play wind instruments to people who play violins, it didn’t take long to put together a 100-person orchestra.

Banco Sabadell (a Spanish bank) launched the flash mob to commemorate its 130th anniversary. The Lieder, Amics de la Pera, Vallès Symphony Orchestra, and Coral Belles Arts choirs had all sent representatives.
People took out their phones to record the incredible performance. A conductor had even emerged to command the musicians, whose singing filled the sky gloriously.

It got much more fascinating when a chorus of voices began singing Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9’s “Ode to Joy.”
Some strangers sat silently listening, while others mouthed the phrases.

Children, too, danced and played to the music.

Everyone was seeing an occurrence that has been known to give people chills and make them cry.

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