The mother of Paul Walker has recalled her last conversation with her son in the hours before his passing…

Although it has been over 10 years since Paul Walker passed away, fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise are still deeply affected by the news of his loss. His immediate family members are perhaps the ones who have been affected the most by his tragic passing.

On November 30, 2013, the actor, who was 40 years old and had just started production on Furious 7, went away unexpectedly. Only a few short hours before the awful event, the actor’s original plan was to spend some time with his family, particularly his daughter Meadow, whom was 15 years old.

It would seem that Walker made the decision to ride in Roger Rodas’ red Carrera GT Porsche after attending a charity vehicle exhibition hosted by the Reach Out Worldwide organization.

The fateful choice resulted in the car colliding with another vehicle, which subsequently exploded, resulting in the deaths of both men.

Members of Walker’s family reminisced about how dedicated a dad Walker was, for example, according to the actor’s brother, Cody, his sibling role was his favorite thing in the world.

He enjoyed organizing special moments for his only kid, such as her participation in school dances. He gave them a ride to the dance and picked them up there. Additionally, he assisted Meadow’s date with the application of his boutonnière.

His  mother, Cheryl, had this to say: “It was quite touching. he  had nothing but affection for her, he loved Meadow more than any other parent could ever hope to love his daughter.”

On the day of event mother and son were having fantastic talk, and he’d forgotten about an event he had, so when he received a text message, he exclaimed, “Oh my god, I’m supposed to be someplace!”

After receiving the message, he hurried to Santa Clarita, which is located nearby, in order to attend a fundraiser for his organization, Reach Out Worldwide.

Before he departed, the mother and son had a conversation about their upcoming holiday celebrations and how Paul was looking forward to spending time with his daughter Meadow, who was just 15 years old at the time of their conversation.

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