The moving video of a tennis player’s kid running across the court to console him after he lost a critical match has moved everyone on the set, even his opponent…

After losing against Leonardo Mayer of Argentina in the third round, Nicolas was shown in a touching video that has gone viral on social media doing his best to keep it together after the match.

It was a painful setback for the French tennis star, as he had to surrender two sets by tiebreaker in one of the most crucial French Open events of his career.

The fact that he had hinted that it would be his last time competing in the singles competition at the event made the loss much more excruciating for him.

It was a difficult pill for him to take until his son, who was seven years old at the time, raced across the court to console and embrace him.

The crowd applauded and yelled for Natanel and his father as they gave each other a bear embrace during the poignant moment that has melted millions of hearts across the globe. The audience cheered for Natanel and his father as they saw the beautiful sight of a father and son.

“I can take solace in the presence of my small son. A diverse range of feelings. The exhaustion caused by the match. Today, every muscle, joint, and tendon in my body hurt. Finally, that match was done, and finally, he arrives to comfort me.”

It would seem that the crowd was not the only group that was affected by the kind gesture that Natanel displayed for his audience.

When his opponent, Leonardo, saw Natanel and Nicolas embracing each other, it seemed that Leonardo’s emotions were stirred to some degree as well.

Natanael did not surprise his father by displaying his fatherly love and support for the first time in this instance.

When Nicolas and Natanel won the doubles championship at Roland-Garros the year before, Natanel raced across the court to congratulate his father by planting a gentle kiss on Nicolas’s face to celebrate his success.

Natanel demonstrates unequivocally that he will never leave his father’s side and that his primary concern is for his father’s well-being, regardless of the outcome of the tennis match in which his father participates.

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