The New York Chess Championship was won by an eight-year-old boy who lives in a homeless shelter and says, “I Want to Be the Youngest Grandmaster…”

This youngster had a one-of-a-kind story to share, despite the fact that what was described may seem like the imagination of a child.

He had fled his home in Nigeria and was now living in exile, where his future was unknown.

Even back then, he had the ambition to become one of the top players in the game of chess, which was his favorite. Tanitoluwa Adewumi, more often referred to as Tani, began studying chess in the year 2018.

In 2017, he and his family escaped from Northern Nigeria. They were terrified that they would be targeted due to the fact that they were Christians.

As a direct consequence of this, in the year 2018, they found themselves in the Big Apple.

The Adewumis were composed of the couple’s parents as well as their two kids. Tani is the oldest of their children. A member of the church gave them directions to a refuge for the homeless.

Tani got admitted into the local primary school. At the school, there was a teacher who worked there on a part-time basis. This is where Tani’s chess adventure got its start.

Tani pleaded with his mother, Oluwatoyin, to let him to participate in the chess club at his school. Mrs. Adewumi sent an e-mail to the club informing them of her son’s interest in joining.

She did, however, let them know that she was unable to pay the charges associated with the program.

Russell Makofsky, who was in charge of the chess program at the school, was very kind and covered all of Tani’s costs. A year later, Tani took part in his first competition of any kind. His score, on the other hand, was the lowest possible: 105.

Because of his aggressive playing style, the coaches at the tournament were upset. They subsequently evaluated his actions, and much to their surprise, the computer indicated that Tani’s choices were the right ones actually.

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