The only pilot of the plane full of passengers became unconscious during the flight and…

It is feasible for a passenger who has never flown before to land an aircraft provided there is a calm voice on the radio instructing them how to do it.

This very scenario played out not so long ago on board a single-engine airplane when the pilot became sick and a passenger was forced to take control of the aircraft. Darren Harrison acknowledged over the radio that he did not know how to pilot the aircraft as he was flying it down to sea level.

Air Traffic Controller Robert Morgan, a certified flight instructor with more than 1,200 hours of flight time, was taking a lunch break near his control tower at Fort Pierce when he got a disturbing call about a plane that needed assistance as it was flying in from the Bahamas.

“3-Lima-Delta, what do you think your situation is?” Morgan radioed in.

“I have no Idea. Harrison said, “I see the shore of Florida in front of me and, and, I have no notion.”

“I need you to keep the wings level while I want you to begin lowering for me,” the pilot said.

Morgan orchestrated aviation traffic at Palm Beach, the largest runway in the region, in the intervals between radio talks with the aircraft. He understood that by doing so, he could provide Harrison with the largest field to lower the plane.

After calming Harrison down one step at a time, the pilot was able to land the jet safely with the rest of the Palm Beach traffic listening in.

After that, Morgan had the opportunity to meet his new pupil, whom he praised during an emotional conversation for having a landing score of ten out of ten.

Morgan referred to Harrison as the day’s true hero because he had the guts to step in and take control of the situation. Harrison was just relieved to be down and to be able to return to his wife, who is expecting their first child at this time.

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