The photographer took a hard trip just to take photos of these polar bears… Have a look…

In order to obtain a series of adorable polar bear photographs, a wildlife photographer braved harsh weather and rocky roads for many days. The photographs show polar bear mothers caring for their children, even allowing their youngsters to use them as a climbing platform.

The activities of the polar bear family were captured by wildlife photographer on a visit to Baffin Island, Canada, earlier this year.

Despite the harsh circumstances he encountered while shooting the creatures, the photographer, who is based in London, said it was well worth the rough Skidoo ride for hours when the rewards were as stunning as they were.

To reach to where the polar bears were roaming in Canada’s Nunavut area, the photographer said he needed “couple of flights to a long distance North and a lengthy travel overland to the unique camp.”

The photographer said he was offered “no promises” that he would encounter any polar bears, so he is thankful that the local  trackers who guided him were able to record the moments he saw on video.

“Standing on a frozen river, hours away from any human settlement and surrounded by 10,000-year-old icebergs that have been stranded is anything but typical.

As  the photographer remarked, “this is the bear’s territory, and this early spring mission attempts to locate them while cubs are fresh from the den.” He also said that he was able to picture “two separate families” of bears during the trip.

“I’ve been doing this work for more than 25 years, and this is right up there,” he remarked while speaking of his current position and added “almost unbelievable, my toes are still freezing!”.

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