The relationship between Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, as a co-parent has “never been better…”

The relationship between Drew Barrymore and her ex-husband, Will Kopelman, has “never been better” as they negotiate co-parenting their two children, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8.

In the episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” that aired on Thursday, she revealed to her guest, Kate Hudson, that she participates in shared parenting.

“And even though we may not be married anymore, and even though he could be married with his gorgeous new wife Allie [Michler], our great step-mother, we’re in a daily engagement, and our connection has never been better,” she said.

After that, Barrymore, who is 47 years old, referred to it as “a strange dream” before highlighting the need of honoring one’s exes.

Barrymore is quoted as saying that “we should advocate our exes, and you don’t have to be best friends,” particularly if the individual in question has moved on with their life and found someone new.

But Barrymore did say that exes who want to get back together should make sure their relationship is suitable and doesn’t make the new partner of either of them “uncomfortable.” At the same time, she said that there was no need to act as if their shared history had never taken place.

In 2012, Barrymore and Kopelman tied the knot, but they divorced in 2016. Additionally, she has been married to Tom Green (their marriage lasted from 2001 to 2002) and Jeremy Thomas (their marriage lasted from 1994 to 1995).

She also reconnected with Green in person for the first time in twenty years when he appeared on her program as a guest in October 2021, demonstrating that Barrymore appreciates her exes and wants to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Kopelman tied the knot with Michler, a director at Vogue, in 2021, whilst Barrymore is said to be dating and maybe single.

While this was going on, Hudson agreed with the sentiment that it is necessary to maintain positive ties with one’s exes.

“I believe love takes on many guises. Even in relationships when things may go extremely south, I think there is always a way back to finding a place where you can have compassion and still feel that love, it’s just going to be in a different form.”

Hudson has a relationship with each of the three fathers of her children as a co-parent.

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