The relationship that Paul McCartney has with his five children has evolved over the years, and he says that his children now “guide” him…

Paul McCartney is starting to talk more openly about becoming a dad.

The Beatles legend, who is now 80 years old and the father of five children, discussed the ways in which his responsibilities as a parent have evolved now that his kids are all grown up in a blog post that was just published on his website.

While they were younger, he wrote, “as far as being a dad is concerned, I’ve always simply tried to offer my kids a little of direction if they appear to need it.” However, this was mostly the case when his children were younger.

“Since they’ve become older, they’re directing me in the right direction!”

McCartney continued by saying, “They don’t require so much direction now days but if there’s ever an issue, I’m quite delighted to be the one they come to.” “To a significant extent, therefore, it is the thing about being a father.

You are only there to provide a helping hand and, if I may be so bold, to enjoy yourself alongside us, since we do have a great deal of fun. Since they are now of legal drinking age, for instance, we are free to have a beverage together.”

In addition to being a father to five children, the famed musician is also the “Grandude” to eight grandkids, who he refers to as “chillers.”

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