The response that the father received from people all around the globe to the three family images that he uploaded on social media is overwhelming…

We take pictures because we want to recall the significant—and even the unremarkable—moments that occur during our lives. Nothing has changed for this family from Belfast, which is located in Northern Ireland.

When Ciarán Shannon posted photographs of himself with his daughter Niamh at various phases of her educational journey, he did so with the intention of conveying to the world how pleased he is of her accomplishments.

In each of the three photographs, the couple can be seen standing in front of their home with their hands intertwined.

When the pleased father posted the photographs online, he didn’t give it much thought, which is why he’s startled at how much traction they’ve gotten in such a short amount of time after being posted.

“I’m astounded by the response my images have gotten,” he remarked. “I’m dumbfounded.

The fact that I have been able to convey to about one million people how pleased I am of my daughter is a positive development.”

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