The school bus driver keeps a little girl on the bus longer than others, and her father finds out it’s because of her hair…

Moms are often the backbone of the family, the glue that holds everything together. They organize, shop for, and prepare meals, as well as do the laundry, do the dishes, clean the home, transport the children to and from their activities, and ensure that everything works smoothly.

Some things that mothers appear to have a natural talent for include getting persistent stains out of clothes, locating lost socks, putting hair up in an elegant ballerina bun, and braiding complicated braids. Patricia Pieri, a mother from Utah, adored her daughter Isabella and took great pleasure in arranging her young girl’s hair in particular.

But one day, Patricia passed away from a rare brain cancer she’d been battling since Isabella was three, leaving Isabella, then nine, without a mother and with a shattered heart. Patricia had fought the illness since Isabella was three. Her father, Philip, 47, tried his best to assist his little girl with her hair afterward, but he quickly recognized that it simply wasn’t the same as before.

“She’d be angry if I pulled her hair.” I had no idea how to accomplish it. Isabella came home one day and her hair was really stunning.

Who in the world was suddenly styling Isabella’s hair?

Tracy Dean, her bus driver, was the one who did it.  Tracy had seen Isabella struggle to style her own hair for the last two years after her mother’s death.

Because Philip didn’t know what else to do, she watched her board the bus with a considerably shorter haircut one day. It’s not simple for girls to comb and arrange their own hair at such a young age, but Isabella was trying her best.

Tracy has four children, one of them is Isabella’s age. She was aware that at this age, girls let their looks affect their self-esteem.
So, once the other kids got off the bus, Tracy began holding Isabella back so she could quickly brush and style Isabella’s hair. Isabella’s father was really grateful for this kind act of kindness that was shown to his daughter.

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