The sick man’s last Christmas wish is granted when three strangers show up at his door with Christmas cards in their hands…

Gene Weittenhiller had very little time left to live, therefore his last desire for Christmas was to collect as many Christmas cards as he could before passing away.

So, in order to bestow a unique blessing, three total strangers traveled more than two hours to be there!

Gene Weittenhiller, a guy from Wisconsin, took the choice to discontinue his chemotherapy treatment as Christmas approached in the year 2019.

It was making his quality of life worse while having no effect whatsoever on the tumor that was growing. Linda Weittenhiller, who is married to Gene, has said that the whole trip has been “devastating.

The grandfather was given just a few months to live by the doctors, which meant that this Christmas would probably be Gene’s last after spending the previous 40 years enjoying the life with his wife.

“We are each other’s closest friends, we go on adventures together, and we participate in all activities together. According to Linda, “because of this, I’m going to miss him a great deal.”

Because there was so little time left, Gene Weittenhiller and his family came to the conclusion that they should take advantage of the holiday season.

Therefore, Gene’s last Christmas desire was for people to send him as many Christmas cards as they could. The amount of support has been incredible.

Gene’s last Christmas wish was granted when three people he didn’t know gave him an unique surprise.

After hearing Gene Weittenhiller’s tale, three young guys from Milwaukee named Markeith Powell, Marqwain Givhan, and Earl Minley were motivated to do something really remarkable as a result of it.

These kind young guys went above and beyond to grant Gene’s last Christmas wish, despite the fact that Gene was an absolute stranger to all of them. However, sending the guy a card over the mail wasn’t enough in their eyes.

The two brothers and their cousin pooled what little money they had together in order to buy three Christmas cards and put enough petrol in their vehicle. They traveled together for more than two hours in one direction in order to hand deliver their cards personally.

“We didn’t sure whether he was going to be there or not,” Marqwain recounted, and that uncertainty made the two of them nervous. After Gene and his wife answered the door and heard the wonderful reason the three boys were there, they were overtaken with emotion and couldn’t contain it for a moment.

Earl Minley is quoted as saying, “Not only did I get emotional, but so did everyone else, t’s so difficult to put into words. We were dumbfounded. It was of incalculable value.

Having the satisfaction of knowing that their kind action brought a smile to Gene’s face made the journey more than worthwhile.

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