The skater appears motionless, but when the music starts playing “Hallelujah,” the entire room breaks into tears

This is one of the most outstanding performances I’ve ever witnessed.
Many of us can’t even stand on our skates, let alone move around on them. Taryn Jurgensen’s story, on the other hand, is rather different. Her life has revolved around the ice since she was a child. Every day on the rink, she demonstrates exceptional talent.

In this video, she’s clearly at the top of her game. She shakes off her nerves and skates out onto the ice, waiting for the music she’s been rehearsing to begin. Did you know that ice skating didn’t start until the mid-1800s, a long time after we saw her amazing performance?

Yes, humans have been skating on frozen lakes and ponds for centuries, but it wasn’t until recently that it actually took off as a sport. Not only that, but until Jackson Haines went to the rink in 1862, the skating technique was very dull. People called him the “Father” of modern figure skating because he understood how important graceful, flowing movements are in the sport.

The International Skating Union was founded in the 1890s when word of his groundbreaking technique spread. Ice skating has since gained popularity. It has a huge worldwide following and is one of the most-watched Olympic events.

Taryn was lured to the Los Angeles Showcase by the incredible feeling of freedom on the ice, as well as the thrill of performing. Taryn showed off her incredible talent while skating to Alexandra Burke’s “Hallelujah.” You won’t believe how good she is at skating and dancing.

Taryn performed each jump and pirouette flawlessly. She is really good at what she does on the ice. This is the routine for which she received the Funakoshi Trophy. We understand why!
The judges were surprised by so many things when they saw her on the ice. She emits elegance and poise that is enthralling to witness. Her ice abilities are just perfection in motion. This video alone has millions of views and is still growing!

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