The song ‘Love Can Build A Bridge,’ which was performed by country music artist Wynonna Judd, was a touching homage to the singer’s late mother…

In 1990, Wynonna and her mother, Naomi Judd, collaborated on the recording of the smash single “Love Can Build A Bridge.”

Wynonna is performing this song by herself, despite the fact that it was originally created for the pair. In April of 2022, Naomi Judd tragically lost her fight against mental illness and passed away.

Her influence on the world of country music extended well beyond the realm of recordings. She served as the guiding force for millions of people all over the world in her role as the matriarch of The Judd family.

At the memorial service for Naomi Judd, which is being called A River of Time Celebration, Wynonna is paying tribute to her mother’s life by giving a stunning rendition of the song “Love Can Build A Bridge,” which the two of them wrote together.

This heartfelt performance touched people all across the globe and reverberated in their hearts.

One visitor remarked, “This song never fails to speak to me on a personal level. The lyrics of this song have taken on a whole new significance for Wynonna. Naomi was not just a lovely lady but also a great songwriter, and I really hope that she is at rest now.”

Someone another said, “The waterworks are starting to work. What an incredible celebration of Naomi Judd’s life this is. Mother, Wife, and Iconic Figure”

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