The song “You Are the Reason” was sung by the children as a touching tribute to their mother, and it left everyone in awe…

The song “You Are the Reason,” which was released in November of 2017, might be about a partner in a romantic relationship, a spouse, a kid, or a friend. On the other hand, the sibling duet Esther and Ezekiel Muteesasira perform the song on CGT, and they sing it specifically for their beautiful mother!

Both Esther and Ezekiel were born in Uganda, but their mother has since relocated the family to Canada. That’s what you call a global confluence of events: a song that’s popular throughout the world and that’s understandable in every language spoken there!

Both Esther and Ezekiel, who are 17 and 13 years old respectively, are dressed in a brilliant dark green and black color scheme. They come onstage from opposite ends of the smokey stage, appearing and sounding far older than their actual years would suggest. Their tones are rich, robust, and strikingly gorgeous.

In addition, there is no contention or disharmony between these siblings while they sing; rather, their voices are perfectly in tune with one another and complement one another in the most concordant manner possible!

The two walk around one another and then climb the stairs in the center of the stage in a choreographed sequence, each step giving the impression that they are ascending toward Heaven. The judges look to be in awe and adoration of the teenagers as they observe them from their gloomy seats.

The image of a photograph suddenly appears behind the children around 2:32 in the video. They are seen here with their mother.

The judges are now aware of who these brothers and sisters are singing about. Howie continues to shake his head, this time with a grin on his face and a pair of teary eyes. The Muteesasira singers continue to wow the judges with their incredible talent.

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