The sweet dog decided to join the couple’s first dance as it used to…

Bear, this golden retriever, is without a doubt one of the prettiest third wheels you’ll ever come across.

The “funny and sweet” dog made the decision to participate in the wedding of his pet parents on February 22 and he did this by inviting himself to the first dance between the bride and groom.

In the year 2020, Stephanie and Greg Chabursky of Ottawa, Canada, took in the dog when it was only a 6.6-pound puppy and made him a member of their family.

According to what Stephanie shared  they began teaching him the very first day they received him, and within about two weeks of having him, he knew about 10 tricks.

Bear is now much older, has passed his first birthday, and plays a significant role in both of his pet parents’ life; as a result, there was never any doubt that he would be present at Stephanie and Greg’s wedding.

“Only 11 of our closest relatives and friends were able to attend the little ceremony that took place at city hall on February 22, 2022, followed by a meal at my parents’ home. Bear was wearing a bandana that proclaimed “best dog” and he liked the company of everyone there “Stephanie added.

When the newlyweds made the decision to dance together for the first time at the dinner, Bear thought that he should be a part of the special moment as well.

“Bear was the one who made the decision to come along with us. When Greg and I embrace one another in our house, he always runs up to us and asks to be included in the embrace.

Nothing changed about this during the first dance we shared. He immediately climbed on top of Greg and wanted to come along with us”.

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